@vincent Yeah, that's a good idea. Potentially, there are multiple ways to follow a fellow Micro.blogger: on the Micro.blog timeline, via webfeeds (RSS), newsletter, and ActivityPub.

All the above should be identifiable automatically for Micro.blog-hosted blogs and could be presented on the person's profile page. And maybe one should be able to add additional options?

For someone visiting a profile, it could look something like this mockup. Here, I imagine the visitor just tapped the More… button:

Mockup of a Micro.blog profile page for a person with the handle @downnorth with Follow and More buttons. The More button is active, and a drop-down menu is shown. It shows five links: Subscribe to Newsletter, Follow on Mastodon, Subscribe to Webfeed (RSS), Mute @downnorth, and Report a ToS Concern.