Unfortunately, there are still a few accounts on X that I want to keep up with, like @ZeldaOfficialJP. Just a reminder: you can follow X (formerly Twitter) accounts via RSS.

The feed reader Feedbin, with five unread posts in the highlighted video games category. A preview of a post from the Japanese Zelda account is shown, featuring a chibi Zelda holding the mystical Tri Staff.

A The Legend of Zelda game where you actually get to play as Zelda, in what looks like a puzzle adventure? 🥰 Yes!!1! I’m going to bed now, wake me up in September.

Promotional graphic for a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda in chibi style. Zelda herself is front and center in this one, holding a mysterious staff.

I’ve shared a couple of glimpses of our trip to the island already, but Sanna collected a bunch of them in her post Glimtar från Gotland.

On the windy deck of the ferry, I gave Sanna a kiss on the cheek.

I totally missed this, but a couple of weeks ago, Arisa Trew became the first woman to land the 900 (2½-revolution) on a skateboard. She’s 14. Wow! (via Eric)

Arisa in the air, performing the 900 above a skate ramp in an indoor park.

Rauk Pareidolia.

A rugged limestone formation stands prominently against a dramatic cloudy sky. The rock has an uncanny resemblance to a face, with pronounced features suggesting a nose and chin.

We visited Fårö yesterday for a rauk safari.

A coastal landscape featuring a series of tall, weathered rock formations standing near the shoreline. The formations are irregular and jagged, with some appearing like tall pillars. The sea stretches into the distance under a partly cloudy sky, while the foreground is covered with low vegetation.

Panic attacks, beautifully illustrated. Moa Romanova’s Alltid fucka upp (Goblin Girl). 📚

The book’s cover features a heart-shaped cutout showing an illustration of a person’s face with glasses and teardrops. The title is written in red, capitalized letters.

Nighty night, Visby.

A close-up of lit paper lanterns hanging on a string, set against a twilight sky with a silhouetted landscape and the Baltic Sea in the distance.

Today was perfect for hanging out in the park and reading Kissa by Kissa. Finally, Amanda can get it back—I borrowed it about a year ago. 🫣 I’ll try to make it up by lending her my copy of Ducks in return. 📚

The book’s illustrated cover, displaying the interior of a kissaten with a booth and a bookshelve.

Oops!… I did it again. I neglected sharing my web finds with you for a while, and they started to pile up. But don’t worry, go check out the End of May Hyperlink Dump for tantalizing links to a zine about HTML elements, weird little web toys, a scrolling lecture on the computer mouse, and more. 👀

End of May Hyperlink Dump

May has been great weather-wise, and I’ve spent some time relaxing in the hammock, away from the keyboard. It’s been pleasant, but it means I’m a bit behind on sharing interesting web finds. So, without further ado, here are a bunch of hyperlinks I’ve enjoyed lately.

P.S. I don’t have a link pantry, but the fifty most recent URLs I loved or hated or found interesting hangs around in the hyperlink hodgepodge.

Make sure to adjust the volume on your device, then enter Alt Text Selfies with sound. 

Sex-kitten is flying through space fucking intergalactic nomads as well as eating gigantic pumpkin-pies. Her world smells of fresh sawdust and lilies. But for those who don’t have access to her mind, this picture may just look like a white person with long brown hair lying in bed wearing a beige t-shirt and beige eye mask surrounded by beige bedsheets.

It’s finally here—strawberry season! We took a short hike this morning and stopped by Rudenstams on our way back to grab these. 🤤

Eight cartons of fresh, yummy looking, strawberries in a cardboard box.

I helgen tog Sanna och jag varsin brassestol, satte oss i skuggan av ett par björkar och spelade in ett avsnitt av podden Hej (resten av) internet! – med humlesurr och fågelkvitter i bakgrunden. I nästan en timme tjötar vi gästböcker och webbkarnevaler och mycket mer. Finns där poddar finns. 🎙️

Today is Micro Camp day. 🏕️ A conversation with @film_girl about blogging, Micro.blog status update, and a community happy hour. It sounds wonderful, I hope I will be able to catch it live.

Our little library just opened up for its third summer. We had more books than space this year, but luckily, there’s another little beach library not far from ours that helped us out.  📚

A colorful wooden shed painted with rainbow stripes between two birch trees. The text Strandbibblan (the Beach Library) is written across the top.

Took this year’s first plunge into Viken today, documented by Sanna. Water was far from warm, but it definitely woke me up.

Me standing in the water, waving at the photographer, sandy shore in the foreground, surrounded by trees under a cloudy sky.

Sanna wrote a blog post about our trip to Copenhagen, loaded with links and photos of all the food, drinks, and fun stuff we experienced over there. 🇩🇰

Two cold beverages on a dark table, one in a frosted cocktail glass with a sugared rim and the other in a clear glass with condensation, both on coasters.

Balderdash. Crowded and cozy cocktail joint with finesse. They were into spritzing perfume on the drinks… and the patrons!

Finally, a CAPTCHA I can actually pass. 🥑

One more from this week’s trip to Denmark. This one is from inside Rundetaarn (the Round Tower). Sanna, I, and what felt like most of the school kids in the country raced to the top. 😅

The tower’s vaulted interior with arched windows and cobblestone flooring. Sunlight filters through the windows, casting light patterns on the walls and floor.