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Portrait of a smiling, bearded, and long-haired man wearing glasses.

Sven Dahlstrand.

That's me. The long-haired dude pictured above. I'm an independent full-stack programmer focusing on building performant and accessible user experiences.

Sounds like work?

That's right. It started out as a hobby around 1997, and I've helped others get on the world wide web for almost as long. Full-time for more than a decade.

This website is mostly about life outside work, though. Including, but not limited to, 🌌 web experiments, 📟 electronics, ⛏ reverse-engineering, cocktails, 🚧 building things, and 🌲 hiking.

Oh! Where should I start exploring this site?

Just keep scrolling to the footer for now. As of August 2021, this website is under heavy development. 😅