Portrait of a smiling, bearded, and long-haired man wearing glasses.

Sven Dahlstrand.

That's me. That long-haired dude pictured above. I'm an aspiring world's best uncle, a curious coder, and a co-conspirator with Sanna. If you spot someone hiking deep into the forest of Tiveden, it might be me. 🌲

Okay, but where exactly am I?

You, fellow internet spelunker, have arrived at my corner of cyberspace. Welcome! This is where I gather notes and links about my interests.

Including, but not limited to, 🌌 the world-wide-web, 📟 electronics, ⛏ reverse-engineering, 🍸 cocktails, 🤖 large language models, and 🌲 hiking.

Oh! Where should I start exploring?

Keep scrolling, and you'll find the navigation. Curious about what I'm up to? Read my 🕖 now page.

P.s. As of March 2023, this website is under heavy reconstruction. There's a lot of missing content and weird bugs. I'm sorry about that. 🚧 Proceed with caution.