• A week or so before Christmas, we traditionally go to the square to pick out a julgran (Christmas tree). This year, Sanna found the perfect one in less than 30 seconds! It’s a stunning spruce, now fully lit and decorated. 🎄

    Closeup of a Christmas tree, with electric candlelights and ornaments. There are also a couple of tiny birds (fake) sitting on sprigs.

  • The teaser for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is 👌.

    A forgotten children’s shoe lies desolate on a rocky beach. Backdropped by a gorgeous sunset or sunrise.

  • If you like to share your Micro.blog bookmarks with the world, check out my latest plug-in: 🔖 Bookmarks Shortcode (BETA).

    List of bookmarked webpages: short quotes and links. The first says, “Bookmark improvements in Micro.blog”, www.manton.org.

  • Simone Giertz on comfort building:

    So I woke up this morning feeling really overwhelmed and sad for no good reason, so I’m treating myself to a day of wearing sweatpants and refurbishing this old fire alarm.

    A woman sits at a desk, painting the letters of an old fire alarm. There’s a dog in her lap following the paintbrush’s motions.

  • So Lex just disputed a parking fine with ChatGPT, and it was successfully withdrawn. How cool is that?

  • Today we made caramel candy. 🤤 Wrapping them all kept me busy for a while.

    Chopped up pieces of caramel candy, laying on baking paper. There’s also a glass jar with wrapped candies and wrapping paper.

  • Happy #FeedReaderFriday! Today I’ll share with you 3 cartoonists to follow.

    I absolutely adore Sarah Andersen’s semi-autobiographical comics. So relatable! Most of the time, I feel like they are about me (and/or Sanna).

    Also, check out Elizabeth’s and Jonathan’s War and Peas.

  • This excellent guide to writing image descriptions (alt texts) led me to Access Guide, which looks like a helpful (and friendly) introduction to digital accessibility. Both are created by Alex Chen and found via Gemma Copeland.

  • I love how Ana’s now page features her current nail polish. 💅 Such a fabulous idea!

    Detail from a website: illustration of a hand with nails in the color bisque. The heading says current nail polish.

  • Better late than never: Apple introduces end-to-encryption for “iCloud Backup, Photos, Notes, and more.” 🥳 Available to me and others outside the US “early 2023”.

  • Apple’s Self Service Repair program is now available in Sweden. I’ve performed repairs and battery replacements on Apple devices: haphazardly and for cheap, with hairdryers, etc. I’m curious, might try the official experience next time my iPhone 12 mini needs a new battery.

  • mindmelt.party is definitely… something? 🫠

  • Want to print a zine, laser cut a Christmas ornament, or 3D-print a toothbrush holder? Buildlist.org (by NODE) is a superb directory for finding on-demand manufacturers for your next creative project. Definitely bookmarking this one. 🔖

  • For today’s #FeedReaderFriday, I made my RSS feed prettier. Before, the browser served a bunch of messy XML, but now you’re greeted by a friendly preview and instructions. 🥳

    Based on pretty-feed.xsl by Matt Webb. You should add Matt’s blog to your feed reader! 👀

    A split view of the same web feed: before and after. The before shows a plain text XML representation of content. Boring! The after shows a pretty-looking preview of the same.

  • This year I made an advent calendar for Sanna. Presents are “hidden” around the flat, and she gets to choose one to open every morning. Loot so far: fancy coffee and a gift card for a three-course dinner (cooked by me).

    Yes, some of the gifts might benefit yours truly as well. 😋

    A shelf filled with all kinds of trinkets. But also a package wrapped in gift paper depicting Olof and Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.

  • If you’re the family tech support, hooking up loved ones with password managers is the best Christmas gift you can give. Online safety is essential, and friends don’t let friends go without a password manager.

    P.s. Om dina nära och kära förstår svenska, tipsa dem om min kurs. 😉

  • I love the opening credits for The White Lotus. Music and visuals! 🥰 Also, does this guy catch any fish? Is he even fishing? Who knows? 🤷

    Painting of a guy wearing a red cap, standing on big rocks near the water. Basket in one hand, holding what looks like a fishing rod in the other. Two big ships can be seen sailing away, not too far from land.

  • Tom shares positive trends in Web technology optimism hour.

  • With a breakfast like this, it’s easy to muster the motivation to get out of bed. 😊

    A rustic kitchen table. A lit candle makes for a cozy atmosphere. Coffee, eggs, energizing juice shot, and granola are served.

  • Many years ago, I made a commitment to find the Secret of Monkey Island. First, as a sidekick to my sister, who played the game. Then, on my own, once my English got better.

    Today, ~25 years after backseat-playing the first game, Sanna and I finally found the secret. 🏴‍☠️

  • It’s #FeedReaderFriday, everyone! 🍾 If you’re not already, you should go subscribe to Aegir’s blog. Why? Just visit the blog, see a handful of posts, and you will soon know why. 😊

  • Our morning coffee ritual begins 6–8 hours before the first sip. Before bed, I fill the coffeemaker with water and ground beans. Then, two freshly brewed cups are only a flip of the switch away once we wake up. 🥱 ☕️

  • Yay! @haydon is back with a webbed brief update, asking the very relevant question What Happened To Text Inputs?{:class=“u-in-reply-to”}

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