I’m reading Snow Crash for the first time, and now I look forward to the upcoming extra material. 📚

This is part of the new bonus material in [Snow Crash]: fragments of an unfinished screenplay that I wrote to amuse myself

Excerpt from a screenplay. LAGOS IN ERIDU, PART ONE. JANUARY 26, 2004. EXT. ERIDU DIG, DAY. Aerial shot out the side window of a helicopter that is making a slow orbit of a desert archeological dig as it sheds altitude and comes in for a landing. ROTOR BLADE SOUND makes it impossible to hear anything else for the time being. Surrounding landscape is a flat and barren khaki-colored plain crusted with salt in some places and scarred by vehicle tracks. Disabled military vehicles, including a burned-out TANK with its turret impacted several meters away, suggest that there’s been combat–but not recently.

Neal Stephenson