How to follow X (previously Twitter) via RSS:

  1. Find a Nitter instance supporting RSS. I use
  2. For a handle like @Astro_Jessica (NASA astronaut Jessica Meir)…
  3. the Nitter URL is
  4. Paste that into your feed reader, and it will figure out the rest.

Feed reader NetNewsWire shows Twitter posts from Jessica Meir. The selected one is a photo of Jessica smiling in a spacesuit with her husband and baby, with the following text. Wonderful to finally be back in a #spacesuit for the first time since being pregnant! Smiles all around with my husband and baby there to watch me submerge at the @NASA_Johnson #neutralbuoyancylab. @astro_luca and I evaluated tasks for upcoming #spacewalks on the @Space_Station - a day well spent supporting the @NASA team!