Fair warning from a Swede: these berry names might not be totally correct. 🫠 My favorite is Sëabtbörr.

Thanks to DALL-E3 generated educational material, we can bypass the need for teachers and textbook writers. … Perhaps you would like to learn your berries in SWEDISH?

A set of berries labeled (incorrectly) in English and then (hilariously incorrectly with excessive umlauts) in Swedish. There are strawberries labeled Hallön and Rödön (the first ö, in addition to the umlaut, also has a bar stacked upon it). There’s a set of blueberries and raspberries labeled Jördgwbb (the ö is actually a triple umlaut and the g has an umlaut too somehow). A cluster of red and black berries are labeled Rödbarar (the d, a, r, and last a all have umlauts). There’s a bunch of blueberries labeled Slabarr, where the umlauts on the A’s are clumps of at least 3 dots each. My favorite is probably the shiny black berries labeled Seabtbörr (The E has a double umlaut, the B has a smudge with a tiny dot over it, the T has some kind of curly hat, and the last o has a mini umlaut above its umlaut.

I’m learning so much.

Learn your fruits and vegetables, by the brilliant Janelle Shane.