I had a bunch of links sitting around that I meant to share last year, but never got to. I’m just dumping them here now because I wish to kick off 2024 with a clean slate and no link debt. 😊 Let’s go!

First, here’s two hundred and six things a punkist should know (via Veronique) and a synth with a ferrofluid visualizer called Symbiote X. Okay, then there’s (we)bsite – a living collection of internet dreams from people like you and me.

Tom made me aware of this passage from Zadie Smith’s Feel Free that more or less describes me and my brain:

I have the kind of brain that erases everything that passes, almost immediately, like that dustpan-and-brush dog in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland sweeping up the path as he progresses along it. I never know what I was doing on what date, or how old I was when this or that happened–and I like it that way. I feel when I am very old and my brain “goes” it won’t feel so very different from the life I live now, in this miasma of non-memory, which, though it infuriates my nearest and earest, must suit me somehow, as I can’t seem, even by acts of will, to change it.

About getting old and eventually leaving this world… Derek is thinking about our personal websites and how to preserve them after our deaths. Rebecca and I are the same age, so I guess I also have around 16,000 days or so left on earth. On a more cheery subject, I absolutely love Katherine’s site! The typography, the index, and the i carry your website with me (i carry it in my website) section. Jake does a similar thing with JAKE.MUSEUM where he chronicles his journey through the world of web design and development. There are cute details like frames for the frames and the fact that some websites are “on loan”.

Hey, by the way, you should listen to the 6502 song 🎵 and look at some very lickable fungi and slime molds. 🍄

And if you’re a DMG fan, check out Gijs’ modified Game Boy projects, like Reboot. Actually, you should take your time and explore more of gieskes.nl and all of his projects. If you hate the Game Boy but love PC-98, you should check out the anime 16bit Sensation: Another Layer. I’m a couple of episodes in and enjoying it so far. It’s about a 19-year-old illustrator going back in time to make bishōjo games. Fittingly, the series has a very 90s looking website.

Back in August, Zach started this thread that later became an educational, sensational, inspirational, foundational web development reading list mini site.

Dan reminded us that we should use RSS for joy, Rachel answered the question “Why have a personal website?” with “Because it’s fun!” and I couldn’t agree more. Emma shared 50 of the weirdest, most wonderful corners of the web, and speaking about the weird wide web, here’s some URL poetry for you.

Also, you should blog, and your website can be like your home.

That’s it. That was all the tabs I had open in my “to blog” tab group. Clean slate. 2024, I welcome you. Happy new year! 🎆

P.S. I haven’t really told anyone yet, but there’s a page I’m calling Hyperlink Hodgepodge where URLs I stumble upon end up. There’s no context other than the URL and its title – no commentary or quotes. They are there because I loved them or hated them or found them interesting enough to hit the little star button in my feed reader. Check it out for even more links.