Updated from my home in Jönköping.

🏖️ Sanna is on a sabbatical. While it’s mostly her thing, I get a lot of fun out from that as well. Thanks to my work being flexible, I can tag along for a few of her adventures. We’ve spent some time in the cabin, planning a trip to Copenhagen in March, and have a couple of concerts and stand-up nights booked already.

🌐 About my work, I absolutely love how the open web is going through somewhat of a renaissance right now. People are blogging, getting into personal websites, and experimenting with AT Protocol, ActivityPub, and alternative search engines. I want to marinate in all that as much as possible, so I’m delighted I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on a few projects with Manton and team over at Micro.blog.

🤖 As for LLMs… I still think a lot about safe, responsible, human-first AI. Smaller, more niche and locally run models are the most interesting ones, to me. Reading Simon Willison is a fantastic way to keep up. Prof. Emily M. Bender and Dr. Alex Hanna do a hell of a job criticizing the current artificial intelligence hype. Tune in to their podcast, Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000.

📚 If you’re only going to read one book about AI, you should grab Maskiner som tänker, by Inga Strümke. I’ve been on a reading streak for a while now. Mostly speculative fiction.

A book with the title Maskiner som tänker by Inga Strümke resting on a wooden surface.

🍿 But also, movies! We’ve caught countless good ones lately, both at the theater and at home. Past Lives, Poor Things, Dream Scenario, Killer of the Flower Moon, Society of the Snow, The Leftovers, Anatomy of a Fall, Saltburn, The Boy and the Heron, and so on…

(This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s now page idea. You should make one, too.)