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  • @JohnPhilpin Hmm, I wonder why the article goes through so much trouble to construct the channel feed URL manually? It's right there in the HTML already: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="">. Most feed readers should be able to figure that out automatically when you give them the YouTube URL, in this example.

  • @kimonostereo Oh, yes, that looks like a lot of fun! What quest are you on, display panel replacement?

  • @warner Thanks for checking out the plug-in! There's no plan to turn Magic Preview into a full-blown text editor or client. It's just a quick way to preview your next blog post and relies on your favorite app for the actual posting.

    Regarding the macOS app and the new post window lurking behind the main window, that's something @manton might want to tweak. Maybe the new post window should have focus and appear at the top when a user follows a microblog://post URL?

  • @vincent Haha, awesome, I’ve had the exact same itch. Thanks for scratching it for me! 😊

  • @kottkrig Yay! 🙌 Thanks for trying it out. Any and all feedback is welcome. One thing I'm still pondering is whether it feels natural to have a test-blog directory in one's theme directory and run the tests from there (the way it works now) or if that's too much hassle? I can see an alternative approach where the test suite is installed like a tool instead that runs from the terminal like micro-blog-test path/to/your/theme (similar to html-validate).

  • @Mtt There are some rudimentary instructions on how to get started on a Mac in the root of the project for theme developers feeling brave. 😊 Tiny passes all but three tests, great work! I've opened a pull request with the necessary changes to get to a 100%.

  • @alexink You don't have to, but you can if you want. 😊

  • @gr36 @iPabloSB The changelog (commit history) is available for each theme over at GitHub. Here's Cactus, for example. I've run a test suite on each theme that checks for:

    • Microformat presence
    • Plug-in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML include compatibility
    • Custom CSS and Footer support
    • Conversation.js inclusion
    • RSD and Webmention presence

    For now, the test suite mostly runs on my machine and is not designed to be easy to use. But we might pack it up and release it for third-party theme developers to test their own themes. Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing that now, if you feel adventurous. 😊 But it's not officially released yet and unsupported for now.

  • @KimberlyHirsh You might be experiencing the infamous Joy-Con drift issue. If that's the case, Nintendo will probably repair the controller for free, even if it is out of warranty. This support page has troubleshooting tips and a link at the bottom for starting a repair.

  • @odd Lite sent, men gratulerer med dagen! 🇳🇴

  • @cleverdevil Was Link still alive when you woke up? 😄

  • @jtr Like @manton says, your changes should be preserved. But, you might not get all my updates, depending on which files are overridden in your custom theme. A lot of the changes I've made resolves around lauouts/index.html and layouts/post/single.html. If you've made changes to the same files, yours will take precedence, and you will have to manually merge in my changes (if you want them).

  • @ndreas Välkommen hem! En blev ju inte mindre sugen efter att ha läst din blogg. 😊 Ni verkar ha haft det riktigt gött.

  • @timapple Sounds like a 10 out of 10 day if you ask me. 😊

  • @jean Oh, wow, I totally approve of this tweak to the guidelines. 🥰 Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide is another hands-on article that I like, with tips and tricks for writing great alt-texts. Thanks for doing this!

  • @ndreas Men va häftigt! Jag vill också ta mig till Island nån gång. Hoppas ni får en fin vistelse.

  • @mikehaynes Beautiful! 😍 Thanks for making it.

  • @Mtt Wow, nice! 🎉 Thanks for the built-in support for my plug-ins. 🥰

  • @BenSouthwood Hehe, I know that kind of struggle too.

  • @otaviocc Well, that sounds infinite more important than any Zelda game ever. I wish for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  • @cygnoir As the replies is first-party functionality, I would say this is a bug in the Bear theme. I'm currently doing some theme-related work for @manton and will take a look at this. So you can just sit back and relax, replies will be included in a future update to the Bear theme.

    If you're eager to get replies going, paste the following snippet where you want them to show up (probably right below my plug-in links):

    {{ if .Site.Params.include_conversation }}
    <script src="{{ .Permalink }}"></script>
    {{ end }}

  • @ndreas Glad valborg!

  • @cygnoir Haha, @odd is now on my support team. 😊 Thanks for helping out!

  • @cygnoir Hey, I'm glad you like my plug-ins. 😊 There are a few themes with built-in support but for most, you have to include the links yourself where you want them. A code snippet has to be pasted in using a custom theme.

    The process is documented here for Reply by email and here for Conversation on You have to be signed in to for those links to work.

    Let me know if anything is unclear and we will figure it out together.