@pratik @jasraj It's possible to determine the number of users by building a crawler for the task like @JohnPhilpin is hinting at. But by gathering open-source intelligence, I'm pretty sure we could make an educated guess that wouldn't be too far away from reality. Some observations:

  • The Kickstarter had 3,080 backers.
  • KnockPy reports around 9,650 subdomains for micro.blog. That includes non-blogs like help.micro.blog and test blogs like manton-test.micro.blog. There are definitely blogs missing as well.
  • The Discover timeline is curated by @jean and features the same handful of people, again and again. She's either really picky 😊 or the pool of active users just isn't that big.
  • Wayback Machine's site map of micro.blog has roughly 1,500 users indexed for 2021. The graph is interesting; it clearly visualizes a handful of people creating most content.

So, my guess is less than 10,000 (human) users, most of them inactive.