@ChrisHannah This resonates with me. I adore keeping a mix of new and seasoned technology around. My favorite version of Tetris is for Game Boy, so I will try keeping that old gray brick healthy until the end of time.

I also enjoy repurposing old gadgets. I have an old e-reader that I should breathe new life into. Put a good-looking frame around the e-ink screen and hack the device to show something useful. Maybe the current electricity price? That way, I can tell if it's a good time or not to do laundry. 😅

My favorite old product, though, is a mechanical clock that once belonged to my grandpa. It ticks along tirelessly and has done so for the last 60 years.

My Game Boy turned 32 last year. I hope it's still alive and well in 2049.

The top half of a grandfather clock against an eerie black backdrop. The case's color is bone and the white clock-face features black numbers. Westerstrand Sweden can be seen at the bottom of the clock-face, and the hands show seven minutes until five o'clock.