@cygnoir My eyes might have got a bit misty as well. 🥹

@jean It's never too late to start learning HTML, and, as it's a constantly evolving language, the learning never stops. 🤓

@lmika You might want to check out Neocities – the spiritual successor to GeoCities.

@jayeless Weird, I got into HTML at eleven as well. Is that the perfect age to get started building websites?

@pcora Wow, that's sneakernet in its purest form. 👟 I was fortunate enough to have FTP access to my first website.

@maique Comics is a great companion to the breakfast cereals/coffee/whatever. 😄

@artkavanagh @odd Yeah, the scrolling definitely took some getting used to. If you still want to read the story, there's a transcript without the images.