@help Maybe something like this? Sorry for the long post. 😋

A rough sketch of an alternative Micro.blog post editor. There's a big text area and a horizontal action bar below it, containing the following toggle buttons: photo, title, reply, tagmoji, categories, and more… Two more sketches show a concept where new form elements are added as the person using the interface toggles the buttons. For example, a new input element appears when the reply button is selected where an URL can be entered. The three sketches are commented on as follows. What if all blog posts started out with a simple UI like this? But when the fellow blogger chooses to reply to another post, the UI adapts. And for other posts – like a reply with title and photo – the UI adapts once again. This action bar could show the most common things people do. Or be customizable. Thanks to the last more… alternative, more actions can be added. Like RSVP, Podcast, Video, Reblog, and so on.