That's a great question! The short answer is: in order of relevance. For the longer answer…

An algorithm based on BM25 calculates a relevance score for every document (post or reply) that matches your search term or phrase. A higher score means a better match.

A handful of variables are involved in calculating this score; term frequency and document length are two.

So, imagine a blog containing many micro posts about Apple and their devices. But also a couple of short stories where the protagonist at one time consumes an apple.

A visitor searching this blog for apple will see the micro posts mentioning Apple (the company) high in the results. However, the short stories will rank lower because the apple (fruit) is just mentioned once in passing in longer posts.

On the other hand, a short story named Sven's Apple Farm, which is all about my apple-filled adventures, would probably rank pretty high.

Hope this makes sense. 😊 Just like with filters, sorting is definitely a feature I see in a future version of Search Space.