@futuregeek If you really want, and aren't afraid to tinker a bit, there are a handful of ways to figure out how popular your feed is. You could put a server (called a reverse proxy) in front of your blog and route all traffic through it. You'll get full access to the logs and can see exactly how and when the RSS feed is fetched. This will usually cost a bit of money, Cloudflare is one provider offering reverse proxy services.

Another way is using a feed analysis/monetizing service, like Google's Feedburner. Your blog will get a new feed address, and you will have to redirect your readers to that feed. But after that, you will get those juicy statistics. Feedburner is free.

A third option is to modify your current feed, via a custom theme, to include a tracking beacon (also called tracking pixel). Most web analytics software, like Matomo, have support for this.

But, as @manton already mentioned, regular website analytics (without RSS stats) is by far the easiest way to get started.