@pratik @crossingthethreshold @help If the in-app browser has an address bar, you can just copy & paste the sign-in URL there. If that's not the case, you have to figure out a creative way to get around the limitation. 🦹

One solution is to navigate to your email provider in the in-app browser, sign in and click the Sign-in to Micro.blog link from there. For example: click the conversation link, and you should end up on Micro.blog (but signed out). Then click Discover followed by 🔍. Search for the name of a decent search engine, like DuckDuckGo. Find a post on the timeline that links to said search engine and, from there, search for your email provider. Now, sign in to your email account and click the Micro.blog sign-in link. You should now be signed in to Micro.blog in the in-app browser. Celebrate! 🥳

Another alternative is to disable the in-app browser in your feed reader to open links in your regular browser instead.