@amit One concern might be the risk of being exploited by big tech and loose out on opportunities, money, or social status in the future. Or all three.

Being a part of the open web and sharing stuff for free can come with huge benefits. Take yours truly as an example: I've published texts, open source software, tutorials, video guides, and more online for 25+ years.

Through all these years, humans have found my work, liked it and reached out with job offerings, speaker request, and friendly chats. I've gotten a lot of value from my web presence, both socially and monetarily.

Venture capital backed startups, large language models, and robots crawling the web won't reach out with opportunities, quote your work or give you money. Heck, they won't even reach out for a friendly chat. 😊 They will just benefit from your free labor and go about their day.

I'm privileged enough to not care too much about that myself, but I can see why some have concerns and feel threatened. They are worried about a future where, instead of reaching out to the human whose work we appreciate, we will reach for a generative model and ask it to emulate said humans work instead.

Then there's probably a chunk of humans out there not thinking about the effects on economic and labor at all. They just don't want anything to do with "AI".