@Miraz I love reading all your EV updates and impressions! An interesting bit of trivia (maybe, depending on how you're wired, I guess 😊) is that most car manufacturers protect us end users from over- and undercharging our batteries. There's a difference between nominal and usable battery capacity.

In your case, for the MG4 Essence 64, the battery has a nominal capacity of 64 kWh and a usable capacity of 62.1 kWh. So even if you charge it to "100%", you haven't really fully charged the battery. The percentage you see on your car's dashboard tells how much of the usable capacity you have available.

Also, batteries come in different chemistries. So it's worth reading the chapter about the high-voltage battery pack in your car's owner's manual to get specific recommendations for your battery. Especially if you plan not to use the car for a while.