@anniegreens @pimoore If you with gain mean OpenAI could use the content to train their models, you're right; that's technically possible. But, they would take a huge risk, as their business terms and privacy policy claim:

We do not train on your business data (data from ChatGPT Team, ChatGPT Enterprise, or our API Platform)

Hopefully, @manton uses a business account (and not his personal account) for Micro.blog's API requests to OpenAI. And if so, you can feel reasonably safe knowing that your content won't be used to train their models via this specific feature. That's not stopping your content from ending up in OpenAI's training data via other channels, though.

And, OpenAI could say one thing and do another, and they wouldn't be the first company in the world to lie. 😊

There's no 100% certain way to be excluded from training data, other than keeping your content away from the public internet. And even then, you can't really control if another human copies and pastes your content into ChatGPT or something similar.

PS. In case if it's not clear in my reply above, I see plenty of risks, moral issues, and so on with applied statistics AI as well. I'm not opposed to AI, but I do think it must be sustainably built, regulated, and rolled out responsibly.