@jtr You asked for tips, and my favorite feature from DuckDuckGo carries over to Kagi as well: bangs. If you haven't used them before, they are shortcuts starting with an exclamation point (!) that acts on your search phrase in different ways. Some examples…

Are you pretty sure the first search result will be what you want? Just add a bang to the search phrase. So, a search like micro.blog api ! takes you directly to the API overview on the Micro.blog help forum, for example.

Adding !i to a search phrase will turn it into an image search. So, cats !i will instantly give you numerous photos of cats.

beer !w will redirect you to the Wikipedia page about beer, while beer !g will do a Google search for beer.

When you want to know how a page looked in the past, just add !wayback after the URL in the address bar like this: apple.com !wayback. Similarly, !ais will often help you get around paywalls.

There are many, many more bangs to play with, and you can make your own custom bangs.