Sometimes it’s troublesome not to own a car. Like when we buy something enormous and heavy and need to bring it home. Or when Sanna and I want to take a trip to the summer house. Wouldn’t it be easier just to get a car?

But a car:

  • costs money (purchase, fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance, depreciation)
  • needs to be parked somewhere (parking fee)
  • needs love and care (maintenance, washing, car inspection, switch to and from snow tires)

When I think about all this and the investment in time and money, I feel we are just fine without a car.

Most of the times there’s no trouble taking a walk, the bike or public transport. But in some situations, you’ll need a car. We rent a car for a few weeks during summer and a bunch of weekends throughout a year. That’s something we can afford to do quite a few times a year before it even comes close to the cost of owning a car.

So far we live a car-free life and enjoy moving around by foot, having one less thing to think about and spend money and time on.