Thursday, we packed our bags and hit the road down south. We steered towards Brösarp and Talldungen. When summer comes to an end, we go there for a night or two. It has stuck as a tradition. We went for a swim in the Baltic Sea, talked a lot, ate, and drank well.

A weathered shed photographed against a clear blue sky. It has a brick chimney and a reed roof. In the window hangs a net, probably used for fishing.

We also played around with our cameras, snapping pictures of old fishing sheds, and tried catching waves on video. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again next year.

Sanna ran a book circle on Discord, and I joined to discuss the short story Everything’s Fine by Matthew Pridham. It’s interesting to learn about fellow readers’ thoughts and opinions. This time around, everyone had interpreted the story roughly the same way. And most of us enjoyed it.

On the subject of being on the same page: I nodded along while reading Documents ≠ Programs.