I’m stoked to be presenting at Micro Camp tomorrow, March 12. On a topic near and dear to my heart: web accessibility. This space will be updated in the future with:

See you here in a couple of days! 👋

Explore Web Accessibility

My presentation is about alternative texts for, or descriptions of, images. The New York Times recently ran an article well worth reading if you want to go deeper down that specific rabbit hole. The Hidden Image Descriptions Making the Internet Accessible.

And if you want something more hands-on, I recommend Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide.

I also mention screen readers: software that reads the content on a screen aloud. Used mainly by people with low or no vision, but, of course, these tools can be utilized by everyone. For example, I use a screen reader to read long articles and blog posts when my eyes are tired. They are also decent as proofreaders.

If you own a smartphone, you probably have a screen reader. On Android, it’s called Talkback, and iOS has VoiceOver. I encourage you to play around with the feature. It may become your new favorite tool!

Finally, if you want to learn more about web accessibility beyond alternative text, Writing for Web Accessibility is a good start.

Video editing software with an open project named Micro Camp 2022. The scrubber is set to around 4 seconds, and the video preview shows a happy guy sitting at a table raising his hand in a salutation. The title is set in a playful font and reads Accessible Microblogging: A Crash Course.