To me, one of the more unbelievable scenes in Tetris is when Henk asks

This game is programmed in C, yeah?

gets an affirmative answer, goes on to produce some original 2-bit graphics, and ports Tetris to the Game Boy in like 10 seconds.

There are C compilers for the Game Boy today, but back then, the games were written in assembly for the Sharp LR35902. Of course, I wasn’t a programmer at Nintendo R&D1 in the 80s – I wish! – but I did have some fun reverse engineering Tetris for Game Boy to get rid of Bullet-Proof Software’s copyright screen. 🤓

The movie? It was a fun ride. 🍿🕹️

A frame from the movie Tetris. Henk stares at a prototype Game Boy. The subtitles says: this game is programmed in C, yeah?