Till frukostkaffet idag passade vi på skriva och skicka iväg ett nyhetsbrev med boktips. Så här börjar det:

Två nätter i rad har det bäddats ute på altanen. Vi har krupit ner under täckena, tittat på vampyrfilm och avrundat med varsin ljudbok – I Was a Teenage Slasher och Moonbound. Det har varit äkta sommarlovsmys. En fladdermus fladdrade i trädkronorna och ett rådjur skällde i skumrasket.

Fortsättningen finns på webben och om du gillar’t ska du förstås börja prenumerera. 📚

My view right now: we’re sleeping under the stars tonight. 🤩 Or at least that’s the goal. We’ll see if we make it through.

Tucked under cozy blankets, gazing at a tranquil evening sky over red cabins and trees.

My view right now: if you squint your eyes, you might spot a sailboat traveling along Göta kanal. ⛵️

View from a hammock overlooking trees and a lake with a glimpse of a laptop on a pillow in the foreground.

We made ice cream! Again. This time with lemon curd. 🍋

Marbled ice cream with swirls of lemon curd. It looks delicious, though it has a slightly made-by-a-child appearance.

Me too! ❇️

,,,, oh I am only going to refer to it as "hittamul" from now on

A printed quote: HTML is pronounced by saying each letter. Don't say hittamul.

I recently watched Perfect Blue, and it really tickled my soft spot for retro computers and early web surfing in anime. 💙

In a cozy living space, Rumi helps Mima set up her new Macintosh Performa. Sitting on her bed, Mima claps her hands with a joyful expression.

This is lovely. 😍 Open and Shut allows you to produce Morse code by repeatedly slamming your laptop shut. (via B3ta)

A hand repeatedly opens and closes a laptop lid to produce Morse code. Brief glimpses of the open word processor reveal it eventually spells out SPICY.

It rarely happens, but right now, I wish I lived closer to Stockholm. HTML freewriting in Vitabergsparken this Saturday sounds absolutely wonderful. ❇️

What should I bring?
Yourself, something to write HTML on, friends, and your energy

I just updated my now page with the books I’m into, hobby projects I’m considering, and recent adventures. 👀

Overhead view of a book, a coffee mug, and an ice cream on a wooden table, with grass visible in the background. The book cover of I Who Have Never Known Men by Jacqueline Harpman features a silhouette of a woman with an orange, circular shape partially covering her face.

Yes! 💯 Your tools should work for you. Don’t feed your scissors! Chris, on today’s ShopTalk Show 36 minutes in

You know, I basically got this from Alex, who I work with, who feels this way about tools and brings it up, or at least has many times, is that like tools are for you.

Like you use this tool so the tool can help you. Like I use scissors so I can cut through a piece of paper, but if I woke up and my scissors were like, feed me, I’d be like, no, you’re a weird scissors.

Kära läslus, om du vill ha läs- och glasstips, styr din webbläsare mot dagens brev från En skräck, en sci-fi och en sak till: The Thin Kid och debattartiklar från framtiden. 📚

Unfortunately, there are still a few accounts on X that I want to keep up with, like @ZeldaOfficialJP. Just a reminder: you can follow X (formerly Twitter) accounts via RSS.

The feed reader Feedbin, with five unread posts in the highlighted video games category. A preview of a post from the Japanese Zelda account is shown, featuring a chibi Zelda holding the mystical Tri Staff.

A The Legend of Zelda game where you actually get to play as Zelda, in what looks like a puzzle adventure? 🥰 Yes!!1! I’m going to bed now, wake me up in September.

Promotional graphic for a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda in chibi style. Zelda herself is front and center in this one, holding a mysterious staff.

I’ve shared a couple of glimpses of our trip to the island already, but Sanna collected a bunch of them in her post Glimtar från Gotland.

On the windy deck of the ferry, I gave Sanna a kiss on the cheek.

I totally missed this, but a couple of weeks ago, Arisa Trew became the first woman to land the 900 (2½-revolution) on a skateboard. She’s 14. Wow! (via Eric)

Arisa in the air, performing the 900 above a skate ramp in an indoor park.

Rauk Pareidolia.

A rugged limestone formation stands prominently against a dramatic cloudy sky. The rock has an uncanny resemblance to a face, with pronounced features suggesting a nose and chin.

We visited Fårö yesterday for a rauk safari.

A coastal landscape featuring a series of tall, weathered rock formations standing near the shoreline. The formations are irregular and jagged, with some appearing like tall pillars. The sea stretches into the distance under a partly cloudy sky, while the foreground is covered with low vegetation.

Panic attacks, beautifully illustrated. Moa Romanova’s Alltid fucka upp (Goblin Girl). 📚

The book’s cover features a heart-shaped cutout showing an illustration of a person’s face with glasses and teardrops. The title is written in red, capitalized letters.

Nighty night, Visby.

A close-up of lit paper lanterns hanging on a string, set against a twilight sky with a silhouetted landscape and the Baltic Sea in the distance.