Jotted down from my home in Jönköping.

    👰🏻‍♂️ Next weekend, I’m getting married! Well, that’s not entirely true. Sanna and I were actually married last year, but we’ve been celebrating multiple times. In just seven days, we’re hosting a party at Villa Strömsfors for our closest family members. I can’t wait!

    📚 I’m nearing the end of the sci-fi novel Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson. There’s a passage in it where one character has a conversation with the starship’s AI, and it reminds me a lot of interacting with large language models. I’m really enjoying it so far.

    🤖 As for LLMs… I’m continuing to explore them and I see both potential and risks. Ted Chiang recently pondered the question of how we can ensure AI benefits everyone, not just capitalists, in his piece Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey?

    🧝‍♀️ The new Zelda adventure, Tears of the Kingdom, was released this past Friday, and I stayed up just to wait for the game to unlock. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one, feeling like a kid counting down the days until Christmas. Now that it’s finally here, my Switch is going to get a serious workout in the coming weeks!

    Link stands before a stone ruin amidst a field of golden grass. Trees, their leaves echoing the same autumnal hue, dot the landscape. In the distance, an island appears to be floating in the sky. Link, armed with a shield and an axe, readies for adventure. This is a screenshot from the early stages of Tears of the Kingdom.

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    Updated from my home in Jönköping.

    💚 Sanna and I are having a blast furbishing up our study. The room is now very green, cozy, and inviting! We’re still ticking stuff off the to-do list, though. Those baseboards won’t install themselves. 😅

    🤖 I’m deep down the large language model rabbit hole. Exploring, poking around, learning about, and teaming up with them. I see a lot of potential! But also risks. I might come around to jotting down some of my thoughts…

    📚 I just read The Three-Body Problem (三体) by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣). This has been on my to-read list for a long time, and now I wonder why I didn’t pick it up sooner. I’ll definitely read the next book in this series, but first: The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi as a palate cleanser.

    📺 When it comes to tv, I’m fanboying all over The Last of Us. Craig and Neil don’t mind switching things up, and I love it. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are just perfect. Great show!

    (This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s now page idea. You should make one, too.)