Remember when bands had proper websites? Some nights, feeling nostalgic, I cue up Rough Bunnies in my headphones and browse their old site for a while.

Image of a handmade website design on paper titled Rough Bunnies Home Page, featuring announcements and updates in both English and Swedish, with hand-drawn elements such as navigation buttons and illustrations of two bunnies. The last update reads: hello fans and friends, we are very sorry to say that you can’t buy our records anymore because they don’t exist since my mum’s computer got on fire.

Aww, that last update from Frida. 😭 I hope her mom’s doing alright now and has a computer that isn’t on fire. Here’s Dance with your shadow. 🎵

The artwork for L’Impératrice upcoming album gives off a strong Sorayama vibe. 🦾

Digital airbrush illustration of a metallic robot hand, with a butterfly perched on the index finger, against a starry background. The band, L'Impératrice, and album name, Pulsar, appears along the side.

💙 PULSAR 💙 artwork for the new album from @l.imperatrice out June 7th !!

This piece has been through so many hands and taken various different forms since I made it - this marks the very satisfying final destination of her journey 🥚

This is a fact that often baffles people from other countries: lots of personal information about us Swedes is publicly available.

Want to know when I was born, where I live, who lives with me, if I’m married, what I pay in taxes, what kind of car I own, how much my condo is worth, which company boards I have a seat on, my personal identity number, and so on?

It’s all just a search away and mostly available for free.

In Sweden, anyone can get a media license and get exempt from the GDPR.

We’ve arrived in Gothenburg! Soon: Dina ögon live at Pustervik. But first, tacos and margaritas. 🌮

A golden mirror against a wall with a flower pattern. The mirror shows a cozy hotel bed.

In addition to me scouting office spaces, this also happened today: Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson’s address to the nation regarding Sweden’s NATO membership. 200 years of military non-alignment comes to an end.

I swung by Science Park Towers today to scope out a potential office space. Ended up passing on the offer, but it was a tough call. The view of the city from the 12th floor is absolutely stunning. 🤩 Maybe someday…

Three modern geometric high-rise buildings towering over a traditional red brick building.

Reality (2023) is a film about Reality, the American intelligence leaker, based on the FBI’s interrogation of her in reality. You should definitely watch it! 🍿

Still from the film, a close-up of a young woman, Sydney Sweeney, with a concerned expression looking off camera, with blurred figures in the background of a dimly lit room.

Phew. 😮‍💨 Update on apps distributed in the European Union:

Previously, Apple announced plans to remove the Home Screen web apps capability in the EU as part of our efforts to comply with the DMA. … We have received requests to continue to offer support for Home Screen web apps in iOS, therefore we will continue to offer the existing Home Screen web apps capability in the EU. … [Developers and users] can expect the return of the existing functionality for Home Screen web apps with the availability of iOS 17.4 in early March.

Underbart citat från Skatteverkets nyhetsflöde:

Det finns inga särskilda regler för den som är född på skottdagen, säger Vjera Catovic som arbetar som verksamhetsutvecklare inom folkbokföringen på Skatteverket. Hon berättar att de som är födda den 29 februari oavsett blir ett år äldre för varje år som går. Trots att födelsedatumet inte finns med i kalendern annat än vart fjärde år.

Va skönt. Grattis alla 6 670 personer som fyllde år igår! 🥳

Japanese horror movie night, Creepy, with wine and pizza. Again.

A person holding a bottle of Valpolicella Ripasso red wine against a white wall.

Hörde du? Ett nytt avsnitt av Hej (resten av) internet! landade precis i din poddmaskin. Den här gången pratar Sanna och jag, bland annat, om mystisk, porrig Harry Potter-fanfiktion och ett nördigt, hemligt sällskap. Lyssna på Flödesdyk och fanfic. 🎙️

How cozy is Frills’ website? Super-duper-mega cozy! (via

The video above shows the mouse cursor moving around Frills’ site, leaving a trail of colorful confetti.

Long overdue, I finally came around to updating my now page. 👀 Phew! Here, a list of words teasing at what you’ll find there: sabbatical, open web, Strümke, movies.

Generative video is getting better with OpenAI’s Sora. Impressive and uncanny af. 🫠

The video above shows an older woman smiling with a birthday cake in front of her, surrounded by people who are celebrating. But, some things are off. Hands melt together, candles have double and triple flames, and an overall eerie vibe lingers over the scene.

Sanna made a new batch of ginger shots today. Yum! 🤤 Sliced oranges, blood oranges, lemons, and a ginger on a cutting board with a juicer.

I’ve been more or less stuck in bed with the flu since Saturday. 🤧 With a foggy brain and eyes averse to light, audiobooks and podcasts have been my sole source of input and my output has been close to zero. Today, I’m finally feeling roughly like myself again. Phew!

After Sanna has retired for the night, I usually tend to the fire for a few hours longer. When the flames hunger for more fuel, I grab the basket and make my way to the woodshed while gazing up at the night sky. 🌌

Star-filled night sky with a snow-covered evergreen tree in the foreground.

Lots of great advice from Rebecca. 🙃 (via

Nothing exists but social media. No one does anything offline. So the entire measure of someone’s commitment is how much they post about their commitment. Never mind if the noble cause is their day job, the thing they donate to extensively, the volunteer work they do; only the racket made online matters. Let the beginning and the end of thy commitment be the noise you make about that commitment (and others’ lack of commitment), and make it loud.

Went for a short walk after breakfast. A light breeze and −7 ℃ – pretty close to perfect. ❄️

A snow-covered landscape with a wooden pier leading out onto the frozen surface, under a blue sky with fluffy clouds.

Spending a few days working and chilling at the cabin. I took this photo just before grabbing the snow shovel to clear a path for the car to reach the charging point. It was quite a workout. When I came back inside, Sanna had already lit the fire and greeted me with a cup of coffee. 🥰

Snow-covered landscape with footprints leading to the cabin at sunset.