Loney Dear 🎵 is in town this Friday, and I had no idea until now. Sold out. 😩

Loney Dear + Cantus Domus - Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl - Live @ Haldern 2016 (Rockpalast Version)

I’m not in the least surprised people are using their Vision Pro headsets while driving. Even less so that they are in a Cybertruck. 😅

we really in the end times

The video shows a person “driving” a Tesla Cybertruck while using an Apple Vision Pro headset.

I love the prompt for Glitch’s February code jam: Welcome to my blog. They are also starting a blogroll and everyone is welcome. 🥰

We’re celebrating individual expression through the age-old medium of blogging. Start a blog, make a fan page about your favorite blog or platform, whatever the prompt awakens inside of you!

I snagged a couple of tickets to see Dina Ögon live in March. 👀 Dreamy, folksy, soul from Sweden. Give Orion and Berget a listen. 🎵

Album art, a collage of a figure in a suit with a diamond in place of the head, set against a pink and purple cloudy background with Dina Ögon written at the top.

Oh, yes! From the Iconfactory’s blog Kickstarting Project Tapestry:

Today we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for Project Tapestry: A new iOS app that aims to gather your most important social media services, RSS feeds, and other sources into a single universal timeline. All updates and posts together in one place, in the order they’re created, with no algorithm deciding what you should see or when you should see it.

iPhone laying on surface displaying colorful graphic interface titled PROJECT Tapestry with abstract purple light swirls in the background.

This part of Apple’s announcement is interesting. It means we soon might have the real Chrome browser, Firefox browser, etc. on iOS here in the EU. But no web developers outside the EU will be able to test their websites and web apps in these browsers on their devices. 🤷‍♂️

New frameworks and APIs for alternative browser engines — enabling developers to use browser engines, other than WebKit, for browser apps and apps with in-app browsing experiences.

EU really hurt Apple’s feelings. 😬 Announcing changes to iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the EU:

The changes we’re announcing today comply with the Digital Markets Act’s requirements in the European Union, while helping to protect EU users from the unavoidable increased privacy and security threats this regulation brings.

That includes guidance to help EU users navigate complexities the DMA’s changes bring — including a less intuitive user experience — and best practices for approaching new risks associated with downloading apps and processing payments outside of the App Store.

Sanna och jag skickade precis ut vårt nyhetsbrev En skräck, en sci-fi och en sak till. Om du är en läslus som inte redan prenumererar borde du göra det. Nu! Om du vill, alltså.

Vi delar braiga lästips med dig ungefär en gång i månaden. För att vi kan. Och för att det är sköj. 📚

Recharge (via kottke.org):

Installation featuring a chair where you can relax and charge your phone. However, your phone will only charge when your eyes are closed.

And, after about a week, the final Lego piece found its rightful place. 🌊

Now, in a cozy corner, there's a wall-mounted bookshelf adorned with books and decorative items, featuring a framed Lego rendition of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Jag fick en legoversion av Under vågen utanför Kanagawa av Sven i tredje advents-present, och det har sysselsatt oss under några frukostar och eftermiddagskaffestunder.

Wow, Anh’s Weeknotes 9 really is next level. 😍

Comic featuring three panels (and two more cut off). Top panel with text “and feel too overwhelmed to start the next weeknote”. Next panel with a woman tucking some hair behind her ear and then a close-up view of mid-December marked on a calendar.

Sanna just told me Ray Nayler (The Mountain in the Sea) has a new novella out tomorrow. 📚 I had totally missed this. What a nice surprise! 🦣

Moscow has resurrected the mammoth, but someone must teach them how to be mammoths, or they are doomed to die out, again.

The late Dr. Damira Khismatullina, the world’s foremost expert in elephant behavior, is called in to help. While she was murdered a year ago, her digitized consciousness is uploaded into the brain of a mammoth.

A book cover with the title THE TUSKS OF EXTINCTION by Ray Nayler, featuring a stylized skull with long, curved tusks against a black background.

Vad är det jag hör?! Ett helt nybakat avsnitt av podden Hej (resten av) internet! 🎙️ Sanna och jag tjötar om sökmotorn Kagi (som är rätt bra), rövhattar (som är mindre bra), ActivityPub-tillägg i Wordpress, personliga webbar i Japan samt annat smått & gott. Och så bjussar vi på länktips, förstås.

We spotted these fascinating ice formations during our walk along lake Vättern today. Nature doesn’t mind getting a little weird now and then. 🧊

A photographer captures the surreal beauty of ice-draped vegetation with a smartphone. The frozen flora, resembling an otherworldly landscape, creates an eerie and alien ambiance.

For a couple of days now, our fika sessions means Lego building time. 🧱

A wooden dining table with two cups of coffee and a partially completed Lego build of Hokusai’s The Great Wave.

Kristoffer made a map of the internet and shared it with us in his newsletter. You should go and subscribe and then point your browser to diagram.website and start exploring. 🗺️

A concept map on a black background with colorful dotted lines connecting various technology and web-related terms like HTML, Digital Gardens, Idiosyncratic, and Independence.

Family blogging! 👰🏻‍♀️ Sanna started a new series on her blog, reaching out to people with five questions about life (in Swedish). Exciting! Gabriella thinks about Celtic mythology, desserts are bouncing around in Amanda’s mind, and Carl-Mikael ponders the queer overlap between drag and wrestling.

This short update from Chuck made me smile today. Family blogging is the best! 🥰

Dad put up a new blog post about how we restored an old work bench!

I wish more electric cars had lines like the Carice TC2. 🤤 (via kottke.org)

A blue convertible car with a navy soft top parked in a spacious industrial-style garage with a brick wall background

I have a hard time seeing the rabbit r1 going anywhere, but it sure is cute and desinged by teenage engineering. 🐇