• A gpt-3.5-turbo powered poet-clock. Cute idea! Matt goes into some details in his post My new job is AI sommelier and I detect the bouquet of progress.

    An e-ink screen on a shelf with the text: eleven-thirty eight, don't hesitate, Time to savor life, don't be late.

    I made an AI clock for my bookshelves! It composes a new poem every minute using ChatGPT and mysteriously has this enthusiastic vibe which I am totally into

  • Here’s 3 × Game Boy (again):

    A person holds a Game Boy with a camera accessory attached. The screen (acting as a viewfinder) shows a bird chilling in the water.

    Gameboy Camera, a lifestyle choice . . . . . . . . . 😂😂😂

  • Bill Gates on The Age of AI has begun:

    First, we should try to balance fears about the downsides of AI—which are understandable and valid—with its ability to improve people’s lives. …

    Second, market forces won’t naturally produce AI products and services that help the poorest. The opposite is more likely. …

    Finally, we should keep in mind that we’re only at the beginning of what AI can accomplish. Whatever limitations it has today will be gone before we know it. …

    The Age of AI is filled with opportunities and responsibilities.

  • Despite some slippery spots, we had a lovely Sunday stroll at Dumme mosse.

    A foggy winter day, a deserted planked trail goes of into the wetlands.

  • This post is just a test to see if we can abuse the newly introduced 600 characters limit for quotes, without actually, you know, quoting anything. Maybe we can! As I write this, I don’t know, and I have to keep typing to reach the 600-character limit. If you, dear reader, can read this post in its full glory on the Micro.blog timeline, it means I’ve succeeded. Let’s celebrate that:


    You might wonder how this tiny trick is achieved? I’m glad you asked! There’s this saying that a screenshot is worth more than a thousand words (or is it 600 characters?), so without further ado, here it comes:

    Screenshot of Micro.blog’s new post view, with the content of this very post in the text area. The text begins with an opening span element with the class attribute set to: less-than sign blockquote.

  • My new Micro.blog plug-in is a minimal, no-frills post editor. But it has one pretty magical feature: live previews!

    See it in action below, try it on my blog, or look up 🦄 Magic Preview in the plug-in directory. ⚠️ Read the important notice there before installing. Have fun!

  • I will not harm you unless you harm me first

    Here are some hilarious (AI-powered) Bing encounters compiled by Simon Wilson.

  • I teamed up with OpenAl’s Whisper and had a lot of fun hacking on interactive transcripts this weekend. The neural net handled the transcription, so I, the human, could focus on programming and implementing the user interface.

    See the demo below or live (in Swedish).

  • It’s #FeedReaderFriday again! And you should subscribe to Julia Evans' blog for nerdy posts, like Why does 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.30000000000000004?, and beautiful, informative zines, like Hell yes! CSS!.

    Illustrated zine cover. Two awesome humans high-fiving each other. One holds a laptop, the other a rough sketch of something. The background consists of a web browser, gadgets, pens, and sketches.

  • Today I completed another task on the study to-do list: installing the ceiling light. Thirteen individual glass globes had to be attached one by one – tedious, but worthwhile! 💡

    A ceiling lamp with 13 opal colored glass globes in combination with black metal light fixture. Gives an impression of an upside down snow lantern.

  • Summarize any content on the web - from articles to books - in a jiffy!

    Universal Summarizer works on videos as well. I fed it my talk from Micro Camp 2022 and out came a pretty spot-on recap.

  • It’s #FeedReaderFriday already! Firstly, if you haven’t explored Maggie’s digital garden yet, now is the time. Yes, right now. 😊 And then, add the feed to your reader to never miss one of her visual essays (about anthropology, design, and programming). You won’t regret it!

  • Om du gillar böcker och befinner dig i närheten av Jönköping ska du så klart besöka SmåLit i morgon. Föreläsningar, författarsamtal, bokmässa och massa annat kul för bokmalar och läslöss. 📚

    Där, vid ett av åttio bord kommer du hitta Sanna (och undertecknad) krängandes Sveriges kanske just nu bästa skräcknoveller. 👻 Vi ses!

  • Books and potted plants are slowly but surely finding their way back into the study. Along with one of @veronique’s original drawings. 🥰 Check out her lovely creations over at veronique.ink.

    Shelves filled with books and a plant. There’s also a framed ink drawing. Abstract but resembling something organic, fungi-like. A network of connected mushrooms from outer space, maybe?

  • AI is increasingly used to generate spam content. Spambots explores what would happen if, instead, machine learning was used to empower a group of robotic Spam cans to tell their tales.

    I love how Neil Mendoza’s cute spambots tirelessly remix Huxley’s work. Via Lynn Cherny.

    An anthropomorphized can of SPAM typing away at a tiny, four-button keyboard.

  • End-of-day update! The famous last 20 % still remains, but the room is definitely closer to being finished now than 8 hours ago. I love how cozy it is! 🥰

    A cozy room with Xanadu green walls, one are mostly occupied with cube shaped cabinets in different sizes. Someone have started filling the shelves with books, but there are still a lot of ones. A large, comfortable-looking armchair invites you to relax and maybe read some.

  • The study is coming along nicely! 💚 We’re getting help from a pro, and I appreciate the fact that I’m not drilling holes in the wall myself. 😅

    A messy room filled with power tools and other equipment. One of the walls is partly filled with cube-formed cabinets. Two cabinets are still on the floor, ready to be mounted.

  • Wine (The Heinrich Maneuver), pizza, and newslettering with this awesome human. That’s a recipe for a great Friday night.

    Someone holding a wine bottle against a white wall. The label is illustrated, depicting two anthropomorphized dogs. One performing the Heinrich maneuver on the other, who is coughing up a branch of grapes.

  • This #FeedReaderFriday, you might be wondering why dial-up modems sound the way they do, or if you can transform human speech into blackbird song. If so, subscribe to Oona Räisänen’s blog. She has all the answers! At least when it comes to sounds and signals.

  • The next Murderbot book arrives on November 14th, and I can’t wait to read it! 📚

    Cover art for the book System Collapse by Martha Wells. A humanoid robot crunches near a rocky field. Getting ready to face an approaching (huge!) spider-like robot.

  • On this misty winter morning, I stumbled upon a lonely buoy on the frozen lake Viken. I think it’s longing for spring, yearning to be free once again. Or maybe it’s just me.

    A misty, cold view over a frozen lake. Trees partly covered in snow. In the foreground, a lonely red buoy is stuck in the ice.

  • metalcore × yurufuwa = soft and fluffy hell. If you like Children of Bodom and/or Foo Fighters, this all-female Japanese heavy metal band might be right up your alley. 🎵

    NEMOPHILA / DISSENSION U.S. Ver. [Official Music Video]

    A hazy, blue-tinted stage with a drum set and a drummer in action. Set in big, white letters: NEMOPHILA DISSENSION.

  • We are changing up the study/home office. Hello, green walls! 💚

    A peek into an almost empty room, the floor covered with rosin paper. There’s a bucket of paint on the floor, and the walls look newly painted in a Xanadu greenish tone.

  • A week or so before Christmas, we traditionally go to the square to pick out a julgran (Christmas tree). This year, Sanna found the perfect one in less than 30 seconds! It’s a stunning spruce, now fully lit and decorated. 🎄

    Closeup of a Christmas tree, with electric candlelights and ornaments. There are also a couple of tiny birds (fake) sitting on sprigs.

  • The teaser for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is 👌.

    A forgotten children’s shoe lies desolate on a rocky beach. Backdropped by a gorgeous sunset or sunrise.

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