If you’re fan of the soundtrack in Super Mario Bros. Wonder you should tune in to Smooth McGroove. Here’s his rendition of DuckTales – The Moon. 🎵

    Collage of Smooth McGroove performing a cappella in different poses, close to a microphone. There’s also a screenshot from the video game DuckTales released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

    I wasn’t the only one who thought that McGroove might’ve been part of the new Mario game, but he confirmed back in June that he wasn’t involved.

    Huh! I always assumed Goombas bumped Mario to death, but now we know better. Thanks for clarifying, Miyamoto-san, and for passing on the information, Sato-san.

    I heard that someone once asked Miyamoto-san why Mario takes damage when he bumps into a Goomba from the side in the original Super Mario Bros. game. Apparently, he answered, "It's because the Goombas bite him." … Yes, and when they bite you, they'll do it with a smile on their face! (Laughs)

    Anh’s website is absolutely gorgeous and oozing with personality. And how cool is it that the homepage is a comic explaining why one should have their very own home on the web?! 😍 Take a moment and read it in full, and then explore the rest of Anh’s site.

    A comic strip with four panels, titled Ephemeral. A smiling Anh holds a sheet of paper with a smiley face on it: i drew a nice picture and want to share it :). A close-up of the phone with a draft of a tweet about to be posted. Anh makes a satisfied owo face and then reflects: wait this is not a good archival system. Below the comic strip is the punchline, a link that says: i should store my own content on my own site.

    Look at all those beautiful magazine covers. 🤤 The Whole Earth Catalog is probably something I would have been into had I been living in America in the 70s. Access to tools, ideas, and practices!

    Here lies a nearly-complete archive of Whole Earth publications, a series of journals and magazines descended from the Whole Earth Catalog, published by Stewart Brand and the POINT Foundation between 1970 and 2002. They are made available here for scholarship, education, and research purposes.

    Matthias Ott is launching a newsletter, and I think it will be a winner. Subscribe over at matthiasott.com/newsletter.

    Own Your Web is a newsletter for anyone who wants to design, build, create, and publish on the Web.

    Whether you want to get started with your own personal website or level up as a designer, developer, or independent creator working with the ever-changing material of the Web, this little email is for you. 💚✊

    There’s so much exciting stuff going on the web now. Away from the old silos. Back to blogs, newsletters, and web feeds. I love it!

    How to follow X (previously Twitter) via RSS:

    1. Find a Nitter instance supporting RSS. I use nitter.mint.lgbt.
    2. For a handle like @Astro_Jessica (NASA astronaut Jessica Meir)…
    3. the Nitter URL is https://nitter.mint.lgbt/Astro_Jessica
    4. Paste that into your feed reader, and it will figure out the rest.

    Feed reader NetNewsWire shows Twitter posts from Jessica Meir. The selected one is a photo of Jessica smiling in a spacesuit with her husband and baby, with the following text. Wonderful to finally be back in a #spacesuit for the first time since being pregnant! Smiles all around with my husband and baby there to watch me submerge at the @NASA_Johnson #neutralbuoyancylab. @astro_luca and I evaluated tasks for upcoming #spacewalks on the @Space_Station - a day well spent supporting the @NASA team!

    100 gecs dj session at Boiler Room: Los Angeles is absolutely wild! 🎵 They are having so much fun with it. Just look at Laura’s grin when everyone sings along to Jump in the Line at 43:37. 🥹

    The energy in the crowd makes me wish I were there! And the set list evokes so much nostalgia for this old millennial. One of the commenters nails the vibe:

    Basically my doctors office playlist 🔥

    Laura and Dylan in action at the dj table, dead center on the dance floor, with a pumped-up crowd dancing all around them.

    I love how Sanna’s and my internal clocks are so different. Like when she’s facetiming me from a dark hotel room, already in bed and half asleep, at 21.46, I answer from a lit kitchen, coffee in hand, headphones pumping music, while prepping French farmhouse soup for tomorrow. 😂

    Here’s a brilliant Edgar Allan Poe rap from Elle. 🐦‍⬛

    You know you’re on to something great when calculating the value of your “insurance fund” involves calling numpy.random.normal. 😅

    The prosecution shows that the "insurance fund" that FTX bragged about was fake, and just calculated by multiplying daily trading volume by a random number around 7500

    The first issue of Robin Rendle’s newsletter, The Cascade, arrives tomorrow. All about the past, present, and future of CSS. Subscribed! 

    I really enjoyed State of the Browser the other weekend. All the talks were lovely, but/and @Amy_Hupe’s It all means nothing in the end was a delightful surprise. It wasn’t about states or browsers, but a fascinating perspective on burnout, purpose, and making meaning. See it!

    Slide from the presentation with Amy standing on scene. Setting goals – fuck moonshots. Setting achievable goals means you'll actually get to feel a sense of achievement, rather than thinking of all the things you didn't do.

    I’ve lied and deceived you all! Or some of you. Maybe? Anyway, I spill the beans in my new blog post, The Truth About My September Photoblogging Challenge. 👀

    I mentioned the 90s clear-craze back in June, and maybe it’s just me, but I sense a small renaissance is going on. Just in the last week or so, both Analogue and Flipper Devices released translucent editions of their gadgets. I don’t mind! 🤤

    Product shots of the Analogue Pocket, a Game Boy-like device, and Flipper Zero, a multi-tool for geeks. Both have a translucent casing that reveals the electronics.

    I’m enjoying a cozy little puzzle game called Automatoys. Simple controls, lo-fi jazzy tunes, lagom difficulty. The developer, Steffan Glynn, was inspired by the vintage arcade Musée Mécanique in San Francisco. 🕹️

    You should watch Bottoms. Best friends PJ and Josie start a fight club in the name of female self-empowerment as a scheme to get other high schoolers to have sex with them. Hilarious and unhinged! 🍿

    Still frame from the movie. Two young women are in a gymnasium, and one of them has clearly received a beating in the face. A proper black eye and a bandaged nose.

    Look at this work of art. What a beauty. 😍 Nice work, @aparrish.

    i made this custom game boy flash cart by "dead bug" soldering a DIP parallel flash chip to a cartridge edge breakout board that i designed. there's no memory bank controller in here, so you can only flash roms up to 32kb (i have tetris on there now haha) but i like how it turned out!

    A translucent Game Boy cartridge, revealing the electronics inside. Numerous wires are soldered directly to the edge connector and flash chip—dead bug style. Messy but/and beautiful.

    GitHub now has a setting to underline links. 👏 Thanks @eric et al.

    A lot of accessibility work is a progress over perfection mindset, with a mind to the long game. Which is to say onwards and upwards!

    If Listen to Page in Safari on iOS is grayed out, check Siri’s language setting—it must match the webpage’s language. I struggled with this when Siri was set to Swedish while I tried to listen to English posts. Weirdly, the old Spoken Content feature doesn’t have this language restriction.

    When you take a screenshot of a webpage in iOS 17, you get to choose between Screen and Full Page. Neat!

    Oh, wow, what a badass move! Bill Willingham gets fed up with DC Comics and sends Fables into the public domain. 👏👏👏

    I misremembered and thought today’s prompt was sculpture, not statue. What a fail. So no guessing this time. This is John Bauermonumentet. Sculpted by Karl Hultström in 1931 and photographed by this fellow human today, during a stroll through the city park. 👸

    A close-up of the John Bauer monument reveals an impressive granite masterpiece. Princess Tuvstarr gracefully sits on her knees, facing a troll.

    I’m taking Apple’s Self Service Repair for a spin. (I’ve sourced parts and service manuals in… less official ways in the past.) The experience is okay so far, except that they reserved 16,543.32 kr (roughly $1,482) on my debit card should I take the rented tools and run. 🫠 So, it’s not for everyone.

    Keep in mind that for some, it’s still hump day! 😊 Here’s my entry for day 13 and the prompt glow. Is it produced by wetware 🧔‍♀️ or software 🤖?

    A delicate white dandelion is encased within a crystal-clear globe on a table. A sliver of sunlight shines upon it, making it radiate with a mesmerizing glow.

    Karin af Klintberg’s latest film, Kungen, features an extraordinary synthy and organic soundtrack by Katharina Nuttall. Kinda reminds me of the score from The White Lotus. Well worth a listen on YouTube. 🎵

    An album cover featuring a young King Carl XVI Gustaf, sitting on a throne with a serious gaze. The King – a film by Karin af Klintberg. Original soundtrack by Katharina Nuttall.

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