Books and potted plants are slowly but surely finding their way back into the study. Along with one of @veronique’s original drawings. πŸ₯° Check out her lovely creations over at

Shelves filled with books and a plant. There’s also a framed ink drawing. Abstract but resembling something organic, fungi-like. A network of connected mushrooms from outer space, maybe?

AI is increasingly used to generate spam content. Spambots explores what would happen if, instead, machine learning was used to empower a group of robotic Spam cans to tell their tales.

I love how Neil Mendoza’s cute spambots tirelessly remix Huxley’s work. Via Lynn Cherny.

An anthropomorphized can of SPAM typing away at a tiny, four-button keyboard.

End-of-day update! The famous last 20 % still remains, but the room is definitely closer to being finished now than 8 hours ago. I love how cozy it is! πŸ₯°

A cozy room with Xanadu green walls, one are mostly occupied with cube shaped cabinets in different sizes. Someone have started filling the shelves with books, but there are still a lot of ones. A large, comfortable-looking armchair invites you to relax and maybe read some.

The study is coming along nicely! πŸ’š We’re getting help from a pro, and I appreciate the fact that I’m not drilling holes in the wall myself. πŸ˜…

A messy room filled with power tools and other equipment. One of the walls is partly filled with cube-formed cabinets. Two cabinets are still on the floor, ready to be mounted.

Wine (The Heinrich Maneuver), pizza, and newslettering with this awesome human. That’s a recipe for a great Friday night.

Someone holding a wine bottle against a white wall. The label is illustrated, depicting two anthropomorphized dogs. One performing the Heinrich maneuver on the other, who is coughing up a branch of grapes.

This #FeedReaderFriday, you might be wondering why dial-up modems sound the way they do, or if you can transform human speech into blackbird song. If so, subscribe to Oona RΓ€isΓ€nen’s blog. She has all the answers! At least when it comes to sounds and signals.

The next Murderbot book arrives on November 14th, and I can’t wait to read it! πŸ“š

Cover art for the book System Collapse by Martha Wells. A humanoid robot crunches near a rocky field. Getting ready to face an approaching (huge!) spider-like robot.

On this misty winter morning, I stumbled upon a lonely buoy on the frozen lake Viken. I think it’s longing for spring, yearning to be free once again. Or maybe it’s just me.

A misty, cold view over a frozen lake. Trees partly covered in snow. In the foreground, a lonely red buoy is stuck in the ice.

metalcore Γ— yurufuwa = soft and fluffy hell. If you like Children of Bodom and/or Foo Fighters, this all-female Japanese heavy metal band might be right up your alley. 🎡

NEMOPHILA / DISSENSION U.S. Ver. [Official Music Video]

A hazy, blue-tinted stage with a drum set and a drummer in action. Set in big, white letters: NEMOPHILA DISSENSION.

We are changing up the study/home office. Hello, green walls! πŸ’š

A peek into an almost empty room, the floor covered with rosin paper. There’s a bucket of paint on the floor, and the walls look newly painted in a Xanadu greenish tone.

A week or so before Christmas, we traditionally go to the square to pick out a julgran (Christmas tree). This year, Sanna found the perfect one in less than 30 seconds! It’s a stunning spruce, now fully lit and decorated. πŸŽ„

Closeup of a Christmas tree, with electric candlelights and ornaments. There are also a couple of tiny birds (fake) sitting on sprigs.

The teaser for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is πŸ‘Œ.

A forgotten children’s shoe lies desolate on a rocky beach. Backdropped by a gorgeous sunset or sunrise.

If you like to share your bookmarks with the world, check out my latest plug-in: πŸ”– Bookmarks Shortcode (BETA).

List of bookmarked webpages: short quotes and links. The first says, “Bookmark improvements in”,

Simone Giertz on comfort building:

So I woke up this morning feeling really overwhelmed and sad for no good reason, so I’m treating myself to a day of wearing sweatpants and refurbishing this old fire alarm.

A woman sits at a desk, painting the letters of an old fire alarm. There’s a dog in her lap following the paintbrush’s motions.

So Lex just disputed a parking fine with ChatGPT, and it was successfully withdrawn. How cool is that?

Today we made caramel candy. 🀀 Wrapping them all kept me busy for a while.

Chopped up pieces of caramel candy, laying on baking paper. There’s also a glass jar with wrapped candies and wrapping paper.

Happy #FeedReaderFriday! Today I’ll share with you 3 cartoonists to follow.

I absolutely adore Sarah Andersen’s semi-autobiographical comics. So relatable! Most of the time, I feel like they are about me (and/or Sanna).

Also, check out Elizabeth’s and Jonathan’s War and Peas.

This excellent guide to writing image descriptions (alt texts) led me to Access Guide, which looks like a helpful (and friendly) introduction to digital accessibility. Both are created by Alex Chen and found via Gemma Copeland.

I love how Ana’s now page features her current nail polish. πŸ’… Such a fabulous idea!

Detail from a website: illustration of a hand with nails in the color bisque. The heading says current nail polish.