This September, ran a photoblogging challenge: snap a photo every day based on a prompt. I participated for the first 14 days before… life happened. 🤷‍♂️ But I had a lot of fun with the challenge for those two weeks. And really enjoyed seeing what everyone else was coming up with throughout the month.

Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated!

I promised to reveal all the machine-generated images after the challenge. Yes, some of my entries were not snapped by me, but instead dreamed up by a text-to-image model. First, here’s a complete list of my 14 entries:

Five of these were generated by software: buildup, orange, well, retrospect, and panic. I also broke the cycle for day 10 and published a photo taken by my dad. The rest of the entries were snapped by yours truly.

Going into the challenge, I was prepared to lie, not only with the generated images but also with my writing. To trick and deceive you all. 😇 But it never came to that. So, the stroll I took and the beer I drank… all of that actually happened.

Phew. It feels good getting that out there; no more lying on my blog. For now.

Thanks to everyone who followed along and guessed how the images were made. I fooled you a few times, but over all, I’m very impressed with your ability to identify synthographs.